NSDS: A road map for the statistical development

Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) has already taken the initiatives to prepare National Strategy for the Development of the Statistics (NSDS) under the project Capacity Building of BBS (Phase-2: NSDS Preparation) Project. NSDS is a policy document for the statistical development, which will be comprehensive, inclusive, realistic, pragmatic and nationally-owned. It is a participatory approach which has the wide scope of consultation, negotiation, mediation, and consensus building on priority issues. It will make the data producer more responsive to users’ needs and demand, and will also focus on emerging issues like environment, gender etc. NSDS will significantly assist the concept of ‘Digital Bangladesh’ providing huge volume of data.  
NSDS is a holistic approach which will cover the entire National Statistical System (NSS) i.e. the other agencies that produce data will also be involved into the process with BBS, the National Statistical Organization (NSO). It involves situation analysis, formulation of policies, time-bound & result-based action plans, implementation & monitoring and evaluation & follow-up.
The major objective of introducing NSDS in Bangladesh is to strengthen NSS in view of producing timely, reliable and accurate statistics so that the policies can be formulated on the basis of statistics, and integrate statistics into the mainstream of planning and development process i.e. MDGs, PRS,FYPs etc.
NSDS is a global concept which has emerged in 2004 in the Marraketch City of Morocco under the guideline and leadership of PARIS21 (Partnership in Statistics for Development in the 21 Century) in order to help the developing countries improve the performance of their statistical systems. Out of 117 developing countries across the world, 55 have already implemented NSDS, 37 preparing, 14 planning to prepare and only a few, 11 not yet join in NSDS wagon. Up to 2008, out of total, 73.20 percent country completed NSDS, 9.4 percent in 2009 and 17.30 percent in 2010. Among the neighbouring countries, India and Afghanistan completed NSDS in 2008, Sri Lanka in 2005, Bhutan in 2006 and Nepal in 2002.    
Bangladesh has joined the team in 2010 and BBS is leading the process as the National Statistical Organization. BBS has launched the task arranging a workshop on 16 October 2011 in Dhaka. It has the plan to arrange workshops at all divisions. Meanwhile, workshops have been conducted at 6 divisions: at Khulna in 30 October, at Rangpur in 16 November, at Rajshahi in 17 November, at Sylhet in 22 November,  at Chittagong in 30 November and at Barishal in 22 December. Stakeholders from various corners- Politicians, Government Officials, NGO representatives, Academics, Media Personalities, Social Workers etc. took part in these workshops. Most of them have highly appreciated and remarked the endeavour as a timely and essential step.

One of the important aspects of preparing NSDS is to assess the current statistical system effectively. BBS has developed an assessment tool-The Assessment Framework- (Click Here) with two parts: Part-I Assessment of the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics and Part-2 Assessment of Statistical Activities, Processes and Products and has placed in its website: www.bbs.gov.bd in order to receive the views of the planner, policy-makers, researches, academics, users and other stakeholders, and public as well. BBS is cordially requesting the viewers to fill up the Assessment Framework and sent it back to the e-mail address of the Project Director: d_bbsbd@yahoo.com by 15 March, 2012. It will gratefully acknowledge your contribution for statistical development if you fill up it, put your comments and suggestions and send back to the mentioned e-mail address. For further, please contact: Md. Dilder Hossain, Project Director, NSDS Preparation Project, e-mail: dilderbbsbd@yahoo.com.


Final Report of NSDS   (New)

Assessment Framework-

Report on Divisional Workshop on NSDS  at Chittagong
Report on Divisional Workshop on NSDS  in Dhaka
Report on Divisional Workshop on NSDS at Khulna
Report on Divisional Workshop on NSDS at Rajshahi
Report on Divisional Workshop on NSDS at Sylhet
Report on Divisional Workshop on NSDS at Rangpur
Report on Divisional Workshop on NSDS at Barisal

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